Call me Red

A couple months ago I went RED and haven't looked back. I love my new red hair and think I might have found a signature look for myself.

Last week I went in to get my red refresh and a cut by owner and lead stylist Aubrey Loots. This time we went a bit more cranberry which I love! I feel like I've been going to Studio DNA Salon, and just more recently Aubrey, for the past year. I met the Studio DNA boyz Aubrey and Danny when we all worked together during LA Fashion Week in March of 2009. I love the whole team there, always friendly and a talented group! Also, while I was there Amanda Seyfried just finished getting her private services and breezed past me while I was in the color chair.

I'm kind of obsessed with these leggings from Kao Pao Shu. The designer Naida, who I adore, gave them to me after we did her grand opening for her new studio she the post here. Rest of my wardrobe: Oxford by Ralph Lauren, Lace dress by Victoria Secret, Boots by Guess, Sunglasses by Gucci, and bag by B. Makowsky.
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