Ride in style

(I hate that I can't remember what this car is, anyone?)

A couple of weeks ago my friend Holly Parker, who is a model, asked me if I was interested in doing a pitch shoot at the studio she and her boyfriend Rony had partnered on and where about to open in Beverly Hills. Of course, I never turn a shoot down, especially with friends. Holly is a great model among all the many other talents she has. I had a great time and everyone did a great job. Holly and Rony make quite the team. I'm excited to see the images from this shoot. The waiting part sucks but the reveal is always exhilarating.
Here are some behind-the-scenes photos:

(this model had trouble written all over him)

(the beautiful Holly)

(Holly and myself)

Photographer Rony Peters
Styling Devon Poer
Styling Asst Deniseea Taylor
Makeup Danielle Wells
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