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(Los Angeles, CA August 5, 2010) ‐ Today, the Couture House announced the release of The Stylist Handbook as a free e-publication. Which will now be available at

“The Stylist Handbook was born out of a desire to learn from my fellow stylists, bloggers and journalists,” Devon Poer, Editor in Chief of the Stylist Handbook, commented. “In my initial research, I discovered everyone in the industry felt the same. They all were seeking a modern resource to help share ideas and achieve their goals. This is my passion. There is no doubt in my mind that I love being a fashion stylist and journalist. I really want to share that love with other like-minded individuals.”

The Stylist Handbook is a quarterly e-magazine specific for fashion, wardrobe, image, set design and merchandising within the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. Each season the publication features interviews with key stylists, celebrities, professionals, businesses, agencies, showrooms and stories on up-and-coming designers, and trends. Reports on business and marketing trends, educational institutions, products, and technology that concern stylists. Plus a directory of agencies and fashion showrooms.

The mission of The Stylist Handbook is to provide the fashion community with positive influential resources. Through supplying professionals and aspiring stylists information that is specific to them. To gather a community together with a medium of resources, guidance, entertainment, and above all support. Furthermore, to give designers and fashion companies direct access to the community and therefore providing the community with more effective resources.

To keep our mission alive and improving we ask for those interested in sponsorship and advertising to please email We have set up a comprehensive system to track our readership and community response. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding cross-promotions and trade too. We appreciate your support and love for fashion and style!

(For media inquires please email, 424‐270‐5880.)

Here is what people are saying about the stylist handbook,

“So great to see a publication for stylists.” – Madeline Leonard, Director, Cloutier Remix

“This is fantastic.” – Danny LeClair, Co-owner, Studio DNA Salon

“It looks like a project that is well overdue!” – Emily Johnston, Founder,

“This publication brought back those little girl feeling of receiving a Cabbage Patch Doll for Christmas… pure joy.” – Iris Parks, Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist

“What a great concept!” – Raynetta Smith, Stylist, Haute Candy, Inc
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